The Center-Seat Comeback

If you’re been around cars for any significant period of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the supercar that captivated minds in the 1990’s and set a world record as the fastest production car at the time – the McLaren F1. Among the many incr…

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PBOC Announces New Race Director – Ira Rosner

Ira has been in love with sports cars and motorsports since the days of Jim Clark and long dreamed of being a racer.  He became an active DE driver with PBOC and PCA in 1999 and, after becoming an instructor, fulfilled that boyhood dream by gr…

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How Modern Cars Control Body Roll

Automakers have been fighting the effects of physics since the very first car rolled off the assembly line. We’ve come a long way in our command of a car’s behavior on the road, but one of the biggest fights has to do with how a car behaves going…

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Kids Racing For Life – Video

This is the 20th anniversary year for Kids Racing for Life.  PBOC Motorsports Club Inc. is proud to sponsor this event on September 8-9, 2018 at Sebring International Raceway.

Watch is great video to see what all the Fun and Hope is about.&nb…

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The Savings and Costs of Weight Reduction

Of the countless types of modifications people do to their cars every year, only one positively affects every metric of performance while increasing fuel economy at the same time – reducing weight. Automotive engineers spend countless hours and dol…

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In Memorium

It is with great sadness that PBOC Motorsports Club announces the loss of one of our founding members.

Richard Granofsky passed away May 3rd at his home.  We are all unprepared to come to terms with this sudden loss.

Richard, along with Bo…

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The Great Debate – Drilled vs. Slotted Rotors

The brakes on any car are one of the most important systems on the entire vehicle, because it doesn’t matter how much power you make if you can’t slow yourself back down before rear-ending someone or running off the track. Factory brakes are desi…

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Miss out on 12 Hours of Sebring? Watch it Here

As with most other years, the 2018 12 Hours of Sebring was eventful, and full of fantastic racing from all three classes involved. If you weren’t able to make it in person, haven’t had a chance to watch coverage, or want to recap, IMSA has upload…

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The Best and Worst Audi RS Cars Ever Sold in the US

If you’re not completely up to date on your European performance car lingo, RS is Audi’s equivalent of BMW’s M-division or Mercedes-Benz’s AMG wing. They turn out aggressive, high-performance versions of Audi’s standard vehicles geared towa…

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