BMW is Ending the Manual M-Car in a Big Way

The latest F-chassis M2 has become one of the best-selling M cars of all time, consistently selling 50 percent over initial projections. These surprisingly high numbers have spurred BMW into planning to produce even more of its hardcore performance v…

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Why You Need to Corner Balance Your Car

When setting a car up for road racing, one of the most commonly overlooked yet critical steps in the process is known as corner balancing. This process seeks to ensure each wheel on the car is carrying an appropriate and even amount of load to optimi…

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Tips in Choosing the Right Tires

Whether you’re gearing up for your first track experience or you’re a seasoned driver looking to shave more time off of your laps, having the right tires for your needs is essential to being safe and having a great experience on the track.


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Best Cars for the First-Time Track Driver

When it comes to getting out on the race track, many people are attracted to cars with high horsepower and tons of grip, thinking it’ll automatically make them faster around the track. When you’re just starting out, this isn’t the way to go. So…

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How to Set Your Fastest Lap

The ability to set a fast lap time without taking all day to work up to it is very important regardless of the type of racing you do. The following tips will help you get the most out of your day at the track, whether it be for qualifying, or getting…

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KRFL Event Rescheduled to October 27-28, 2017

Well Hurricane Irma could not destroy our plans for supporting Kids Racing For Life (KRFL) this year.

While we had to cancel for September 9-10, we have rescheduled to a new date at Sebring.

PBOC Presents KRFL will now be held on October 27-28,…

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Braking Effectively – It’s More Than Just Brakes

So you want to be able to stop faster on the track and the street. Being able to brake harder and faster means you can wait longer to brake before entering corners, thus cutting lap times, and improves safety during every day driving. It would make s…

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Springtime at Sebring

Thanks to all who attended the joint PCA Gold Coast and PBOC event in March at HMS. Great Fun.

Now its on to Sebring for another Joint Event with PCA. Drivers Education (HPDE) and PBOC Races both days. May 20-21, 2017. Our friends from PCA Gold …

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Come Join us at Homestead-Miami

Thanks to all who attended PBOC Winterfest™ at Sebring in January.  Great Fun.  Lots of cars and great weather….Now its on to Homestead with Drivers Education (HPDE) and Races Saturday and Sunday March 25-26.   Our friends from PCA Gold Coa…

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The PBOC Motorsports Family has lost two friends in November 2016. Bob Varela’s beloved wife Evette passed away this month after an heroic battle against cancer. Bob, Bobby, Jared and Jacob thank you all for your expressed sympathy’s.

In add…

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