PBOC Races and Drivers Education at historic Sebring International Raceway. This is a THREE day event.     Go To to register.

FRIDAY LAPPING DAY AND RACES:   Friday September 11 is an open lapping day for Instructors or Solo or Super Solo™ Qualified drivers only  We will also have a venue for PBOC Racers including a 30 minute Practice and qualifying session and a 90 minute enduro.

DRIVERS EDUCATION VENUES:   Drivers Education for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Students on Saturday and Sunday ONLY is available for $430.  One day entry fee is $310.  Instructor entry for Sat/Sun is $55. A 3 day entry fee is $295 for Instructors.  Solo Entry fee for Sat/Sun is $430. A one day entry is $310.  A 3day Solo entry including Friday lapping is $645.   (All prices include Florida State Sales Tax)  ....SUPER SOLO™ run group is available at this event on Fri-Sat-Sun.  Super Solo™ drivers please register as Instructors or Solo as appropriate.     CONVERTIBLES: BMW Z3 with fixed rollover protection, the Z4, Porsche Boxster and the Mini Cooper are ok. ALL OTHERS must call for approval.   If you run with the top down, you MUST use arm restraints.  No SUV’s in DE

RACING VENUES:    PBOC Points Races: On Friday there will be a 30 minute Practice and qualifying session and a 90 minute enduro.  Saturday and Sunday there will be two 25-minute Sprint Races with 20-minute qualifying session each day.   A one-day Race entry for Friday Only is $350. A one entry for either Saturday or Sunday is $330.    A Sat/Sun Race package is $475. A three day entry is $695.

KIDS RACING FOR LIFE:  This is also a Charity event for Kids Racing for Life.  We will be giving the kids, many of whom have been ill with cancer, and their siblings and family members’ rides on the track in race cars and street cars.  We have set aside time Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to noon for these rides.   If you want to give rides in your high performance street car, or your race car with passenger seat, we will have a sign up sheet at the event.  We are in need of donations for the expenses for lodging, transporting and feeding the Kids and their families for the event.  A $500 donation can sponsor a family of four for the event. This includes hotel for two nights, t-shirts, and meals.  We are expecting 50 families.  If you can sponsor a family please do so.  We have created separate Options at  to process donations in various amounts.  OR

Please send a check (in any amount, because it all helps) payable to Zoeller Motorsports Ministries to:

Zoeller Motorsports Ministries Kids Racing for Life P.O.Drawer 6885 Fort Myers, FL 33911-6885. If you want to contact Reverend Steve Zoeller directly about corporate sponsorships or other assistance that you can provide at the event, please email him directly at:  Steven Zoeller  Phone 239-945-3333  Cell 239-940-0288